Your Personal Health History At Your Fingertips

You’re likely to see a number of different health care providers over the course of your lifetime.  How important is it that you have a record of everything done by each provider?personal health history

Doing so will eliminate:

  • Unnecessary or Duplicate Procedures
  • Possible Drug Interactions
  • Potential Misdiagnosis due to lack of information

Are you capable of remembering every procedure or test you’ve had, every medication/dosage you’ve been prescribed, every outcome of every procedure and every date of every event?  Can you do that in a medical emergency?

Under the duress of an emergency:

  • You could forget important details of your personal health history
  • You might not remember the dosages of medications you’re taking
  • Your family might not remember/know the answers if you can’t provide them

You can’t prevent the emergency, but you can prepare for it.

Providing a health history during an emergency is not only essential, it can be lifesaving.  You will have enough to deal with without having to worry about the details of your health information.  MIMI Medical takes that concern out of the equation and gives you peace of mind.

All of your attention can be focused on your health not your history.

The details can make the difference between successful outcomes and frustration (or worse). Let MIMI Medical manage the details for you.

personal health history

“I strongly believe that having MIMI will decrease the amount of mistakes & errors made on a daily basis because patient’s personal health history  medications, allergies – the most important information will be there at your fingertips – which will decrease the amount of time and errors that we physicians make from lack of information.  I highly recommend MIMI as a source of organizing your medical history.”  – Dr. M. Pouparinas, MD