A Good Man To Know

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Do you know Gary Barg?  Have you heard of Caregiver.com?  If not, get to know Gary, and by all means, subscribe to his on-line newsletter.  Gary provides so much information on his site, in his newsletters, in his magazines, at his conferences and any other way that he can to help caregivers.  Go to caregiver.com.  Read about him and about his company.  You’ll be glad you did.  I had the pleasure of meeting Gary at a Fearless Caregiver Conference that Susie and I attended.   The group of people who came out to support Gary was amazing.  Susie and I had a wonderful day talking with all the other Caregivers.  Caregivers need to support caregivers.  It’s a difficult job to have – – – but one with many rewards.  Gary knows this.

When you’re a caregiver you have to be the eyes of the physician and the voice of the patient.  It’s nice to hear advice, hear other stories, relate to others and build relationships.  Wonderful.


Author: Julie Slayton