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Life is Unpredictable…Be Prepared with Medical History Readiness.

I was faced with an emergency for my Mother.  I couldn’t answer any of the medical questions the 911 operator, the EMT’s or the ER doctors/nurses were asking me about my Mother’s medical history.  The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming.  I was faced with a problem and I wanted to create a solution that was easy to use, easy to understand, easy to afford and easy to manage.  MIMI was the answer.

The truth is, none of us spend our days wondering if an emergency is going to happen. Emergencies don’t call ahead and they don’t make a reservation.  I can tell you from my personal experience, the time to prepare for an emergency is not when you’re faced with one.  Think about it – we are trained in some aspects of our lives – If your house is on fire, you know where the fire extinguisher is.  If the tornado sirens go off, you know to take cover.  But if a family member needs medical attention, do you know the answers to these basic medical questions:

  • What are the names and dosages of their medications?
  • Why are they taking these medications?
  • What are the dates of past surgeries or medical procedures?
  • What are their allergies?  Current medical conditions?  Blood type?

Being faced with an emergency for yourself or a loved one is extremely stressful.  Having to fill out medical forms or answer medical questions accurately is next to impossible.  MIMI will build your entire family’s medical history allowing you to simply track routine doctor appointments, vaccinations, important medical procedures, allergies, prescriptions, dosages, and much more.

Regular doctor visits are essential to maintaining good health and in some cases provide an early detection of a severe illness.  When you provide your doctor with MIMI, you will have the confidence that your health history information is complete and current, which will assist your doctor with providing you with the correct care fast.

BONUS:  When you provide your MIMI to a medical professional, MIMI may minimize the written information needed on office/hospital medical forms.  This will save you valuable time and reduce your frustration and stress with trying to remember everything.  Simply hand them a copy of your printed MIMI.

MIMI is a desktop application, (a computer software program), that provides you with the tool to care for your family in one easy to use system.  MIMI can be simply revised with medical and prescription updates.

I never want to be faced with that feeling of helplessness again.  MIMI is our health advocate.


Julie Slayton – Founder