Annual Exams

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I am blessed that my children are healthy.  Taking them to the doctor’s office once a year for their annual exams to just “make sure everything is still okay” gives me peace of mind.  Having to fill out all those medical forms gives my mind a headache.  I love having our family MIMI™ !!!  I walk in, sign in, sit down, get called up to the desk where the receptionist tells me “Fill out all these forms – front and back – and bring it back up” – I simply hand her  MIMI™.  After many compliments I sit back down and we get bumped up on the list to see the doctor sooner before all the other parents (since they are still filling out their paperwork).

After the doctor office visit I go home and I update my children’s MIMI™.  I might only have to update it once a year for them – but I know if I’m faced with an emergency for any of my children I have their MIMI™ with all their medical information organized from their doctor visits – and their doctor contact information.

So, SO important.  Thank you MIMI™ for saving me time in the doctor’s office!

Author: Julie Slayton