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Save at the Doctor’s Office

Before you book a visit ask your insurer if the doctor is in your provider network; then double-check with the doctor’s office.  Check if he’s “in-network” and has a “current contract” with your insurer – not whether he “takes” your insurance.  Out-of-network doctors may “take” what your insurer pays and then bill you the balance…

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5 Hard Facts About Being A Caregiver

Are you a caregiver?  Did you become a caregiver overnight or was it a slow process and you saw it coming and you’ve been preparing?  Either way, below are 5 hard facts about being a caregiver that might make you think about “You”. 1.  FACT:  Almost 70% of caregivers are at a higher risk for…


The Importance of Creating A Personal Health History Record

The importance of creating a personal health history record for yourself and/or your family should be a household priority.  Unfortunately for most  it is not.  Studies show that people care more about their cars than they do about their own health information.  Having your health history organized provides you with conveniences such as saving valuable…

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Am I Being Charged a Fair Price for a Medical Procedure?

Having an unnecessary medical procedure can endanger you!  For example, every year one out of 10 people get CT scans, which deliver up to 1,000 times MORE potentially cancer-causing radiation than a conventional X-ray.  Always ask your doctor to describe the benefits of any medical procedure as well as the risks.  Since the cost of…

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