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MIMI Medical Personal Health Records

Heart Rescue – Do you know what to do?

Can you save a life?  This can happen at any time to anyone.  Having a PHR is so very important.  Take a couple minutes and watch this -  http://www.heartrescuenow.com/


Nights and Sunday’s

Coping with the death of a spouse is a terrible experience.   And you don’t know “which one of us is going to have to deal with that”.  Whenever me and my husband have talked about it (when we had to) during the preparation of our will, I told him “Honey, I want you to die…

Old friends, two happy senior women talking in park

A conversation Between Friends

We are sitting at lunch when my friend casually mentions that she and her husband are thinking of starting a family.  We’re taking a survey, she says, half-joking.  Do you think I should have a baby?  I say carefully, and with keeping my tone neutral, “it will change your life”. I know, she says, no…

German Shorthaired Pointer, 10 weeks old, close up against white background

Owning A Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress

It was December 17, 1993.  A month prior I moved from my hometown in Michigan to Florida, where my parents moved to 6 months prior.  I decided I wanted a dog!  My first very own loveable dog!!!  Back in 1993 dogs were still available in shopping malls, you don’t see that much anymore.  Well, actually…


A Good Man To Know

Do you know Gary Barg?  Have you heard of Caregiver.com?  If not, get to know Gary, and by all means, subscribe to his on-line newsletter.  Gary provides so much information on his site, in his newsletters, in his magazines, at his conferences and any other way that he can to help caregivers.  Go to caregiver.com. …

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