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My Prescription Dosage Was Denied by My Healthcare Carrier!

Recently my Mom started taking a new incontinence drug.  It worked, but not well enough.  Her doctor wrote a new script for a double dose.  The request was denied by her healthcare carrier.  We appealed four times and it was denied every time.  One of the nurses told me to contact Canada Drugs at 800-226-3784…

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Save on Prescriptions

When your doctor’s prescription pad comes out always ask “Why” she’s recommending a particular drug.  Then ask if there is an effective lower-cost alternative: an over the counter product or a generic.  Ask if she has any free samples.  Ask if you can take half the pill or maybe take it every other day.  If…

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Save on Lab Work

Ever wonder if you could save on your lab work?  Do you even know where your lab work goes?  Before anyone takes your blood (the pinch alone can cost $35), find out why it needs to be done and if the analysis will be performed at a lab in your network, and how much it…

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Would You Want To Be a Burden to Your Kids?

I would not want any of my children caring for me if I was a burden to them.  This article makes you pause..  http://www.caring.com/questions/is-it-wrong-to-force-a-caregiver-to-support-themselves   

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Being A Caregiver Changed My Life…For The Better!

Being A Caregiver – A Noble Calling Today I can tell you that I am proud of what I do.  I know it’s not glamorous – but it’s personally rewarding.  I realize the bags under my eyes are badges of honor. What I learned on the road to reward: That there were new reasons why…

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