Catheter Care

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Like many bedridden patients, my Mother has a foley.  She has been faced with chronic UTI’s with ecoli for the past 2 years one after another after another.  It was suggested that she have a suprapubic catheter put in place (which requires surgery).   We did – but it didn’t work for my Mom (she is the minority – because it does have a very high success rate).  We kept the suprapubic in for about 8 months – had it removed and went back to a foley.  The UTI’s with ecoli continued.

Then one day a new nurse practitioner came to see my Mom and she made a suggestion – “Flush the catheter at least once a week and change the foley every 2 weeks instead of very 30 days”.  We contacted her urologist and asked if we could try this to see if it works (since nothing else had).  We received an order and the process started.

I am pleased to say my Mother has not had another UTI with ecoli since.  We have been told that any time you have a “foreign body” in your body such as a catheter, it’s common to have some type of infection.  But not to the point of ecoli and definitely not the pain she usually had.   I am simply delighted and continue to pray that the frequent change of catheter and the flushing will continue to keep the UTI with ecoli at bay.



Author: Julie Slayton