Father’s Day Special

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I had a GREAT Dad.  The best.  I lost my Dad suddenly to a massive heart attack back in March 2007.  Although I don’t understand why he was taken from us, I find much comfort in the way he passed.  He died in his own bed, next to the woman he loved for over 55 years, in his sleep.  I’m so thankful that he wasn’t driving a car, or operating the lawn mower, or mostly that he wasn’t away from my Mom.  They kissed goodnight.  They went to bed.  And he simply didn’t wake up.  He was only 74 years old.  Too young – much too young.  My older sister flew to Florida to visit with my parents with her husband and children.  They arrived in another city and decided to spend the night instead of driving to my parents.  My sister regrets that decision, because she would’ve been able to see him before he died the next morning.  But anyway – that is my personal story about the death of my Father for anyone reading or following this blog.  Now you know just a little bit more about me.  I miss him every day – and every day there is  tear for him that I shed.  “They” all say that “death gets easier in time”.  Well, I’m still waiting!  Waiting for it to get easier.

I love Father’s Day!  I get to spoil my husband just a little bit more that day.  And the kids – oh they love it too.  So for all you GREAT Father’s out there – we have a 20% discount with FREE shipping!  Show your Dad how much you love him by purchasing MIMI™ for him to get organized with his personal health record for those unexpected emergencies.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.

Author: Julie Slayton