Heat Stroke Warnings

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Heat Stoke is very serious and it will come on without warning and hit you like a ton of bricks.  Everyone is at risk, just not the elderly.  I can say that with confidence because my husband just had it over the weekend.  We were outside on Father’s Day cleaning up the yard from a full day of the kids playing, swimming, etc.  We came inside ready for our Father’s Day dinner and all of a sudden David said, “I’m not feeling well honey.”  I told him to sit down, brought him some ice cold water, turned the fan directly on him, brought an ice pack for his neck, a cold washcloth for his forehead and kept an eye on him.  A couple of minutes passed and he still wasn’t feeling well and he suddenly became nauseous.  He quickly went to the bathroom.  With never being faced with heat stroke I had no idea what to do.  I was guessing as I went along.  I looked it up on the Internet as he was in the bathroom and basically it said to get the person cooled down.  I told him to get in a cold shower and that I would prepare the bed for him.  He got out of the shower and I had the bed sheets pulled back and a fan blowing on the sheets so when he laid down they would be cool against his body.  I brought more water for him to drink.  I took his blood pressure to ease my mind, and I put his MIMI™ on the dresser just in case I needed to call 911.  He stayed in bed the rest of the night.  The following morning he was still nauseous.  And the next day.  Finally on Wednesday he was back to feeling fine again.

Heat Stroke is very serious and can hit at any age.  If not treated it can be deadly.  Be cautious when you’re outside in the hot, Hot, HOT weather.  And make sure you drink plenty of water (not beer, not alcohol, not soft drinks – WATER) to stay hydrated.  Even if that means waiting for the sun to go down or another day to clean up the yard – it’s not worth taking a chance that a loved one will become ill.

Keep an eye on your elderly neighbors.    Untitled design (12)

Author: Julie Slayton