Medication Reconciliation

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Please tell me who thinks about this – – “Medication Reconciliation”?  Not many.  Who knows about it?  Probably even less.  Do you know it is recommended before you are discharged from the hospital to reconcile your medication?  If you don’t know your medications – trade or generic and the dosage amounts of each (of course it’s helpful to know why you’re taking each medication) – this will make reconciling your medications impossible.  Guessing will not work.  And by the time you get in touch with your pharmacies (most people have more than one), and if your insurance company becomes involved it’s even more confusing – several hours may have passed.

It is so important to have your prescription medications organized and at your fingertips (or in the hands of your emergency contact person).  This is important to have before a hospital stay, during a hospital stay, and leaving a hospital stay.


Tool that organizes your life

Author: Julie Slayton