My Lifesaving Medical Information In One PlaceMy Lifesaving Medical Information In One PlaceMIMI Medical

Get Started With MIMI Medical.  It’s Easy!

Take the guesswork out of your medical paperwork.  Answer medical questions confidently with MIMI.

Organize your family’s health information wisely so you can communicate with your medical professionals effectively anytime and anywhere.  It’s a proven fact that patients who are engaged with their medical information receive better patient care, reduce their medical costs by avoiding redundant tests and wasteful treatments, and they transition seamlessly between multiple doctors.  MIMI Medical simplifies having your health in your hands when you need it most.

“As a Critical Care Nurse many patients come into the hospital not able to recall their medical history or prescription information, or they are unable to provide it due to their illness.  If everyone had MIMI it would cut down on medical errors as well as save valuable time for providing the correct care fast.  MIMI is easy to read and well laid out.  It is affordable for everyone and it is priceless to medical personnel.  I use it for me and my family and I would highly recommend MIMI to all my patients.”     – Richie J., Critical Care Nurse