Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy is HARD WORK!  I don’t care what age you are – it is a challenging task.  I watch my Mother struggle with it.  Her physical therapist comes; puts her knee brace on; puts her gate belt on; gets her walker – and up she goes.  In the beginning my Mother could only take a few steps.  Then a few more.  Then a few more.  She is now up to 130 steps.  As I listen to the “clank-clank” of the walker, the heavy breathing with every step, her talking to herself “You can do this Jackie!” – she continues taking one step at a time down the hallway, into the kitchen, into the living room and back to her room.

I never thought I’d hear her say – “Let’s go around again – I think I can do it.”  As I hold back the tears stinging my eyes, the joy overwhelms me as I silently pray that she will be able to complete it.  And she does.

The mind is a powerful thing.  Believe in yourself.  You can do it.

Author: Julie Slayton