The Little Things

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It’s summertime, so my daughters are home from school.  Of course they love, love, love to get their nails painted – (all different colors of course).  I promised them we would go today to get our nails done.

Last night, while putting my Mother to bed she asks (as she always does) “What’s the plan for tomorrow?”  I told her about me and the girls going to get our nails done.  I could hear the “tone” in her voice drop and she said “oh……is there any way that you could take my hands with you?”

This is just another time of a long list of many that my Mom faces the fact that she is bedridden and cannot go out and about like the rest of us.  So, I came up with a great idea to take my daughters to the store and have them pick out a whole bunch of fun summer colors and we will bring them home and the four of us girls will have a fingernail painting party!!   I know my Mom will love it!!!  And I know it will make her smile.  (Priceless).

Such a simple thing!!  But I know it will make her day.  Maybe we’ll have cookies baking in the oven as well………”Mmmmmm – YUMMY!”

Is there someone’s nails you could paint today?

Author: Julie Slayton