Why Can’t I See My Medical Files?

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Our complex healthcare system is moving in directions that continue to confuse us and make us wonder “What the heck is going on?”.  Everyone should be thinking “I better start tracking my own medical information….I need a PHR for myself and my family.”  I’m not suggesting to “do your own surgeries” or “diagnose yourself with an illness” – I’m simply talking about being prepared with medical history readiness so you can help your healthcare professionals help you.   A Personal Health Record (PHR) is key.

Remember that episode on Seinfeld, where Elaine wanted to see her medical records file and the doctor would not let her?  Then she tried stealing it and failed.  Then she tried to have Kramer steal it and failed.  Funny stuff (why can all scenarios about life be summed up in a Seinfeld episode?) but also there is a bit of truth to it.  There are laws in place that the doctors have to follow – simple as that and understandably so.  But we as the actual patient say “Why can’t I see MY information?  That is about ME?  I am entitled to it!”

I received a post from a smart lady who replied “Too bad we just can’t download all the files that the government and insurance companies all have on us already.”  That is true -but we can’t – and chances are we never will be able to.  That is why having a personal health record of your own allows you to keep track of your critical medical information.  Why shouldn’t you have your health information?  Why should the government, doctor office and insurance companies have it and you don’t?

Have you ever went to pick up your dry cleaning and you received the wrong clothes?  Have you ever went to pick up your dog from the salon and they bring out the wrong dog?  Have you ever said “Hi” to someone that you thought was someone else?  Have you ever dialed the wrong telephone number?  Have you ever put on two different pair of shoes?  Have you ever gone to the wrong car in a parking lot thinking it was yours?  All pretty harmless stuff that makes for funny dinner conversation.  But when it comes to our health it’s a very different story.  Have you ever been in a doctor’s office and they have the wrong chart on you because you have a common name?   If you’re admitted to the hospital and you have a common name chances are you’re given a plastic bracelet informing the medical staff to make sure they have the right “Mary Smith” (for example).  Our medical professionals do all they can to keep information straight – but they don’t know “you”.   Doctor’s and nurses  in large are individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping people – saving lives of complete strangers without a second thought – every day.  They are hero’s in the eyes of the family who almost lost a loved one.   Many times we are in front of medical professionals  asking them to help make us “feel better”.  Doesn’t it make sense to provide them with all your medical information so they can make an informed decision on how to make you “feel better”?

There are medical errors every day.  Not on purpose.  Not maliciously.  Just honest mistakes.  We’ve all made “mistakes” in our lives – some of us can relate to my examples above.  But when a healthcare professional makes a mistake – the outcome could be disastrous.   When you don’t have your health information organized and when you can’t answer any routine medical questions – you force your doctor to “guess” or to waste valuable time trying to “figure out” what medications you’re taking or what the problem is.  That is a very difficult spot to be in.   You have the  power to possibly save your own life by having your critical health information at your fingertips.  When you provide your doctor all your health information, you’re providing him/her the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions regarding your care.

MIMI Medical is your answer to building your PHR for your family for under $35.00.  A tool  that could save your life or the life of a loved one.  $35.00 – – – less money than a drive-thru for dinner for a family of 4.

Be prepared.  Be organized.   Be informed.  Help your medical professionals help you.  Organize your medical information with MIMI Medical.

Author: Julie Slayton