What is MIMI Medical?

  • Are you a Caregiver?  Do you have aging parents?  
  • Are you living with a chronic illness?
  • Can you answer lifesaving questions for a loved one?  Can a loved one answer lifesaving questions for you?
  • Do you have trouble remembering past surgeries, allergies, immunizations, medications/dosages/why you take them?

The MIMI Medical software will create a personal health record (PHR) printed profile for patients and their families to carry with them to medical appointments to help ensure patient safety at any transition of care and help reduce the growing incidence of medication and surgical errors that may occur in a doctor office setting and within a hospitalization admission.


MIMI Medical promotes patient health and safety with organizing medications, medical and surgical procedures, medical appointments, allergies, immunizations, blood type, emergency contact person, and much more.  Having this lifesaving tool assists patients in discussing their complete and accurate health history with their physician which will ultimately provide a safer level of care.

Also, MIMI Medical is not stored online or on a cloud, keeping hackers from gaining your personal health information.

Become an active participant in your healthcare.

“As you have shown, keeping your own copy of critical medical information gives you more control over critical medical decisions and more inner peace in the midst of those decisions whether as a patient or a caregiver.”  David B.

“I’ve been working with seniors and their families for nearly 10 years now and this is SUCH a needed tool!!! Even though I’ve been encouraging families for years to gather this information, I didn’t practice what I preached….and this past November my Dad went into the hospital with severe heart problems and I didn’t have his information handy. On top of that, I’m ashamed to admit, I still haven’t gathered it all. As a Mom of 4 children I want to be proactive in having this information on hand. Thank you for making this possible.”  Shanna M.