The time to prepare for an emergency is not when you’re faced with one.

 “I’m not feeling well.  Could you come over….quickly.”

When you hear those words on the other end of the phone, in the middle of the night you react without hesitation – especially when it is a loved one, in my case, it was my Mother.  When I ran across the street, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.  I called 911, turned on the outside porch light, made sure my mom stayed awake, made her as comfortable as possible and we waited for the ambulance.  As soon as the emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) arrived the medical questions started and panic mode set in.  Apparently, I was supposed to know my mom’s:

  • medical history
  • prescriptions, dosages, and why she was taking them
  • past surgeries
  • blood type
  • chronic illnesses
  • allergies
  • medical procedure dates
  • doctor contact information
  • DNR and organ donor status.
  • Dentures / Contacts

“Who are they kidding?”, I thought to myself.  I couldn’t answer any of those questions about myself, let alone about someone else.  The truth was, I couldn’t answer any medical questions regarding my mom’s prescriptions or her medical history – I even got her birth date wrong because I was in “panic mode”.  The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming and everything was happening so fast.  I was my mom’s “emergency contact person” and I was no help at all.  The EMT’s and the medical professionals at the hospital literally have seconds to make critical, lifesaving decisions regarding our loved one and without accurate information, medical mistakes can easily happen.

I never thought about my mom getting sick.  I never thought that I’d be faced with such a life threatening emergency for a family member.  I just didn’t think about the importance of knowing her medical history and having the information available at my fingertips “just in case”.  I never thought about knowing that information for my husband or my kids either.  I just didn’t think about “emergencies” or “what if….” happens.  And I knew that no one would be able to answer any medical questions about me either.

I was faced with a problem that terrifying day and I never wanted to be in that situation again.  I wanted to create a solution for families that was easy to use, easy to understand, easy to afford, easy to manage,  and I knew that I didn’t want my mom’s medical information plastered all over the Internet for hackers to access.  MIMI – My Instant Medical Information™ was the answer.  MIMI™ was created with the assistance of medical professionals and other emergency response teams. Their most important requests for the development of MIMI™ was:

  • Don’t put it on a flash drive.  We will never put it in our computer system and take the risk of a virus.
  • Don’t put it on a bracelet.  We don’t walk around with scanners.
  • Don’t put it on a cell phone!  We are restricted by username and passwords and it takes too long to find what we need to know, and we can’t clip their cell phone to their medical chart.
  • Anything that needs to be downloaded wastes valuable time, having it pre-printed saves lives!

We listened.  MIMI™ was developed for a Windows-based personal computer that you manage in the privacy of your home.  You enter in your health information or that of a loved one, update it as necessary, and then print it off so you can hand it to a medical professional at a moments notice.

  • MIMI™ is key for routine doctor office visits – hand MIMI™ to the receptionist and possibly minimize the written information needed on medical forms.
  • Emergencies – hand your MIMI™ to the EMT’s and they don’t have to waste time asking countless questions or waiting for something to download and print.
  • Since MIMI™ is already printed you’re saving lifesaving valuable time and providing accurate and up-to-date medical information.  You don’t have to worry that you forgot to mention something.
  • MIMI™ allows you to keep an eye on your aging parents.
  • If you’re a caregiver MIMI™ will assist you with caring for your loved one and reduce the stress of keeping their medical information organized.

I use MIMI™ all the time for my mother, my family and for myself.  I hope you will consider making MIMI™ your personal health record management solution.

Wouldn’t you rather have MIMI ™and not need it than to need MIMI™ and not have it?


Julie Slayton – Proud M.o.M., Grateful Daughter, Caregiver