At Home Medical Care

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Nurse and elderly man spending time together --- Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Blend Images/CorbisIf you’re a caregiver to a bedridden loved one you know how difficult it is to transport them.  In the beginning of my Mother’s health issues the only way she could be transported was by ambulance – – and that cost us $700 a trip.  She needed to have constant medical care and with the stresses of just going to the doctor (which has a tendency to raise your blood pressure), having our trusted EMT’s by her side gave me a great deal of peace of mind. However, $700 a trip!!!!  YIKES!  We simply could not afford to pay that very often, but like most caregivers you do for your loved one before you do for yourself and you find a way to pay for it.

Then I met someone that told me about Mobilex USA, (  I was so excited to learn the existence of an at home medical care company.  They offer 24 services, X-Ray’s, PICC line care, lab services, foot and vision care, vascular services, ultrasounds and so much more.  But the best thing about Mobilex USA is that they come to you! YES!  They come to your home, and take your X-Ray!  Yes!  They come to your home and perform an ultrasound.  All their services are geared towards home bound and/or bedridden people to provide them with quality at home medical care.

My Mother needed an ultrasound on her kidneys and her renal doctor scheduled her to go to another facility, on another day to get it done.  I told him I’d prefer if someone came to our home because I’ll have to pay someone to transport her.  The doctor stated that he has never heard of an at home medical care company that performs ultrasounds.  I introduced him to Mobilex USA.  His practice opened an account that day and scheduled an appointment for my Mom to get her ultrasound done.  The doctor was very pleased that he now has a contact for at home medical care services for his patients that are home bound or bedridden.

We have used Mobilex USA and they have been wonderful!  The medical professionals have been kind, courteous, on time, and professional.  Please remember to check with your insurance to make sure you’re covered for any at home medical care for your loved one.


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Author: Julie Slayton