Your bone health

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SpineIt’s never too late for bone health.  Design your lifestyle to promote your bone health. Researchers have found women who walk just a mile a day have four to seven more years of bone reserve.  It’s time to get up and move!

Here are some key things to consider for bone health:

Here is an article from Joy Bauer’s, Life is hard, food should be easy, How Food Affects Osteoporosis: (, and 7 Ways to Enhance Your Bone Health: (

National Osteoporosis Foundation, (NOF), A Guide to Calcium-Rich Foods: (, and Food and Your Bones (

Learn about osteoporosis and what you can do for your bone health to stay healthy.  Remember, as vertebrae gradually weaken from years of osteoporosis, often it goes unnoticed, spinal bones can narrow and shrink.  This can lead to pain, height loss and stooped back.


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