Making the decision to have your own personal health record will give you peace of mind, save you valuable time, reduce your medical costs, remain independent, and allow you to receive better patient care.  MIMI makes it easy!

MIMI Medical has no monthly fees, no hidden costs and provides FREE unlimited customer service support for our customers!

Option 1

Individual to Family

Create Up To FOUR Profiles

Option 2

Economy Family

Create Up To NINE Profiles


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MIMI Medical is a Windows® desktop application.  We recommend having your personal health record in printed form ready to read in an instant for faster care. You also can create a PDF file format of your MIMI allowing you to email it to trusted family members and friends or have your health information available to view on most any electronic device; iPad, MAC, iPhone, smartphones, Android, thumb-drive, etc. MIMI Medical makes it easy to always have your health information with you.

MIMI Medical - Personal Health Records Management Software

MIMI Medical

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