Caregiver stress and burnout

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Holding HandsLet’s be honest, as caregivers most of us struggle every day with negative and resentful feelings that we wish we didn’t have.  We love the person that we’re caring for, that is never questioned, but when you have caregiver duties, you deal with caregiver stress and burnout every day. Probably more than we even realize.  Do you find yourself feeling or saying any of these statements?

“I dread when 9:00 AM comes because I have to wake her and feed her.”

“I dread when home health is coming because I have to stop to assist them.”

“I dread when 12:00 PM comes because I have to stop and make lunch.”

“I look forward to leaving the house every chance I can, but I dread coming home.”

“Sometimes I sit in my car because I know as soon as I walk in I will hear “Do this…do that…”

“I dread when 5:30 PM comes because I have to make dinner and clean up the mess afterwards.”

“I dread during every day the cleaning of all the messes, making sure meds are taken, doing the never ending laundry, picking up all the things off the floor that has dropped, pulling them up in bed 10 times, emptying catheter and/or colostomy bags, changing diapers.”

“I dread the smells, the stains on the floor that will not come out, the damage to my walls from gurneys and wheelchairs.”

“I dread paying the bills an robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

“I dread going to and from doctor appointments.”

“I dread hearing all the negative comments and jabs or the complaining that I didn’t do something or I didn’t do it right.”

“I hate that I’ve missed out on so many things with my kids and my friends.”

“I hate that my relationship with my siblings is non-existent or full of bitterness.”

“I dread getting up in the morning because I know I have to do it all over again.”

“My life is not my own.  I am tethered to my house.  I have no friends.”

“I no longer see my Mother……I only see my patient.”

We deal with the burden of caregiver stress and burnout every day.  I wish my Mother only needed my company.

As a caregiver, I know there isn’t just one answer to help with caregiver stress and burnout. But I also know the most important thing is to never stop looking to see what I can do to be a better caregiver every day.  Because one day her wheelchair will stand empty in the corner with only her afghan.


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Author: MIMI Medical Staff