The 7 Deadly Emotions of Caregiving

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Daughter and father“Anger and resentment overwhelms caregivers.”  This certainly is not new news for us caregivers.  But when I came across this article, The 7 Deadly Emotions of Caregiving”, I knew I had to read it.  There are days that I can’t keep it together.  The resentment I feel is overwhelming.  I pray for strength and guidance but I still resent all the time that I’ve lost with raising my kids, or things I’ve missed out on with my friends, or the time I’ve lost with my husband.  All of these make me so angry sometimes.  I know my Mother’s condition is not her fault.  I know she appreciates me and everything I do for her.  I know she never planned on being a burden to me and my family.  I know these things. But it doesn’t eliminate the resentment I feel inside, or give me more energy on the days that I’m so tired I can’t see straight.  Having feelings of resentment are normal.  Feeling frustrated and angry is okay too.  But we have to remember to express them as well and talk about them.  Keeping these feelings inside only builds and builds until one day you explode.  As caregivers we read as much as we can about how to be a better caregiver, spouse and parent.   It can be a slippery slope.   I thought this article had some great ideas to consider when you’re having “one of those days”, The 7 Deadly Emotions of Caregiving (


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Author: MIMI Medical Staff