Emergency contact person

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Emerg Contact PersonWho is your emergency contact person?  Your spouse or significant other?  Parent?  Child?  Friend?  Co-worker?  Neighbor?  Mailman?  Someone at your gym?  Whoever it is, think of this person, see their face and think of what this person means to you in your life.  Because your emergency contact person has a huge responsibility and you’re confident that person is very well informed about “YOU”.  They know all your prescriptions, the dosages, when you take them, why you take them, the correct medical name of all your surgeries, the dates of your surgeries, the doctor who performed them, the hospital they were performed at, all your medical procedures and dates, by who, and where, your emergency contact person knows your allergies, the last time you had an immunization shot and what that shot was, they know all your doctor contact information, your insurance information, they know if you’re an organ donor, they know your blood type……gosh, your emergency contact person probably knows you better than you know yourself!  Right?

At this point I hope you’re pausing and thinking about your emergency contact person and you’re questioning what that person actually does know about you.  Because if they don’t know all this information and have all this information organized, you must ask yourself, “Why are they my emergency contact person if they don’t know my prescription and health information?”  Then ask yourself, “Am I an emergency contact person for someone and do I know all their prescription and health information?”  Being an emergency contact person for someone is an enormous responsibility and should not be taken lightly.  An emergency contact person is someone who is called in an emergency and has the power to save your life.  Having the ability to provide medical professionals the correct and current prescription and health information can be the difference between a right medical decision and a wrong one.  Did you make the right choice?




Author: MIMI Medical Staff