MIMI Medical Personal Health Records Frequently Asked Questions

What is MIMI Medical?

MIMI Medical is an easy to use intuitive computer software program that organizes your lifesaving medical and prescription information. MIMI will be your vital tool for tracking emergency room visits, routine doctor appointments, prescriptions, pre-existing conditions, immunizations, allergies, important medical procedures, and much more.  MIMI is also non-web-based eliminating the risk of hackers accessing independent servers.

Will my information be stored on a server?

No!  Your MIMI Medical is not stored on a server or out on the Internet. MIMI is on your computers hard-drive only.

Where is MIMI Medical manufactured?

MIMI Medical was developed and manufactured in the USA.

Can I put MIMI Medical on my smartphone?

MIMI runs on a Windows® operating system.  However, you can create a PDF file format and email your MIMI to any iOS (iPhone, iPad, MAC) or most any operating systems – Android, most smartphones, Unix, OS2, LinX, etc., and/or download to a thumbdrive.  It is recommended however, to bring your MIMI Medical in printed form to your doctor and/or the hospital. If you provide a physician with a media device (a thumbdrive, wrist-band, plastic credit card like device, etc.), they might not be able to download your lifesaving medical information and it is unlikely they will insert any device into their system with taking the risk of a virus.  And downloading takes time – which is wasted time during an emergency.  A printed paper copy of your personal health record (PHR) is best to get the correct care fast!

How long will it take for MIMI Medical to download?

Depending on how old your system is will depend on the amount of time it takes for the program to download to your hard-drive. However, if you have a reasonably updated computer the download should take less than one minute.

What do I do once MIMI Medical is downloaded?

You create a User and begin entering your health history.

What if I don’t have all the health history in front of me when I download MIMI Medical?

Not a problem! When you initially create a “User”, you will be guided through sections, and each section will ask pertinent questions. If you only want to create a User, but not answer any health questions, simply hit your TAB key on your keyboard until you get to the end (which will take less than 5 seconds) and click on SAVE. Your User will be created and will be identified by their name on the main screen. You will click on the name and then click on EDIT to update any health information. The program is very easy to follow.

Do I take the MIMI Medical CD to the doctor’s office and give it to them to update?

No. MIMI is a software program that is conveniently and safely downloaded and stored on your home computer. After you download the program you can remove the CD and store it away. Once you have your health history recorded you simply print off your MIMI and bring copies with you for your physician.

Do I store my health information on the MIMI Medical CD?

No. Once MIMI is installed, your personal health record will be stored on your computer. However, if you create a PDF file you can store your medical records on a thumb-drive and email your personal health record to trusted family members.

Is MIMI Medical a form that I print off and send to my doctor to fill out?

No. MIMI is not a form that you write on. It is a printed document generated from your computer’s printer.

What is a personal health record (PHR)?

A PHR is a collection of health related information that is documented and maintained by the individual it pertains to. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, an electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) is similar documentation, but is maintained by health professionals and official agencies (which you do not have access to). A PHR allows you to have control over your health information and at your fingertips when needed. The data maintained in a PHR varies from one person to another and from one system to another.

Why do I need MIMI Medical?

Keeping track of personal medical information can be a difficult task. Tracking down important records for an aging parent or relative can be even harder. Many Americas do not have a personal health record file of their own at all, digital or on paper. It’s a serious commitment to try and keep track of multiple prescriptions, tracking down copies of medical records from multiple doctor offices, etc. MIMI can make it easy for you to stay organized and ready when you need it most.

What does a finished MIMI Medical look like?

A well laid out, easy to read, efficient spreadsheet that you print and provide to your medical professionals. You can also save your personal health record to a PDF file format making it easy to email to trusted family members.  Please take a look at our Product Videos page, under (What is MIMI Medical?) for a finished sample.

What do I do with my MIMI Medical once I’m finished entering my information?

You print it out or you can save it to a PDF file format and email it to trusted family members and/or friends.

Can I put MIMI Medical on a thumb-drive?

Although you can put MIMI on a thumb-drive in a PDF format, it is recommended to bring a printed copy of your personal health record for your routine doctor office visits or hospitalization. Your doctor will thank you for your organization and preparedness. If you provide your doctor with a thumb-drive their office may not be equipped or capable of downloading that device.

Does MIMI Medical have a user name and password that I will have to remember?

No. If you need emergency medical assistance trying to remember a user name and password can be challenging.

Will I be charged a monthly fee with MIMI Medical?

No. MIMI Medical is a one time affordable purchase price.

Is MIMI Medical easy to use?

Yes! MIMI Medical will prompt you with questions and you type in the answers. It’s that easy! If you don’t know an answer you can always go back and edit at any time.

Is MIMI Medical expensive?

No! MIMI is very affordable with no hidden costs or monthly fees. Go to our Pricing page and select which Option best fits your needs.

Do I need to have all my health information in front of me before I begin?

No. Begin your MIMI with your basic information (name, address, phone, DOB, prescriptions, allergies, etc.) and build on it as life happens.

How will MIMI Medical help me in the event of an unexpected emergency?

Your personal medical information will be organized and accurate. You won’t have to guess at routine medical questions during an upsetting time. Bring a few copies with you. If you’ve ever been faced with an emergency you know you’re going to have to answer the same series of questions asked by the admitting desk, the ER nurse, the ER doctor, and the floor nurse. Providing MIMI Medical allows you to have the correct answers – fast!

How long will it take me to fill in my health information on MIMI Medical?

MIMI is very user friendly. Your initial set up of a Profile will take less than 5 minutes. Of course the amount of time it takes you to fully complete a Profile will depend on your health status. Remember, MIMI is a software program that you will build on. Most of us lead very busy lives. Time goes by so quickly. Trying to remember medical procedure dates, or the last time you went to the doctor, or the names of your prescriptions can be difficult to remember. Don’t rely on your memory. MIMI Medical can take the guesswork out of your medical paperwork. If you go to the doctor, or change a prescription, or have a medical procedure, or are admitted to the hospital, or move – you would update that section of your MIMI.

What if I move and need to get established with new doctors will MIMI Medical help me?

MIMI will make all that paperwork not so intimidating and overwhelming. Simply hand the medical receptionist your printed MIMI. It’s that simple because all your health history is right there.

How long will I have customer service support with MIMI Medical and is there a charge?

No limit! No fees! Contact us via email at MIMI@MIMImedical.com or at 256-684-3444. You might have to leave a message but your call will be returned promptly.

How easy is it to install MIMI Medical?

Very easy! Standard industry practice suggests that you turn off your anti-virus spyware program during the install (which is less than a minute). Any unfamiliar program is going to cause your spyware to react. Turn it off – and then turn it back on after the install. The install should take less than ONE minute.

If I get a new health provider or a new address can I change my information easily?

MIMI makes it easy to edit your information. Go to the specific section you want to edit and click SAVE. Print off new copies and you’re prepared. MIMI also has a “Last Edit Date” to show your medical professionals that you are in control of your health history and the information is current.

What are MIMI Medical’s System Requirements?

MIMI Medical will run on consumer versions of Windows® that support .NET Framework 4. Server versions are not supported, but may work. MIMI Medical does not store DICOM images or metadata. MIMI Medical does not require any database connections. In simple terms: MIMI Medical runs on Windows®. It must be downloaded to Windows® in order for you to “use” the application and to “edit” the application. However, you can “view” MIMI Medical on any operating system by using a PDF file formal (since it is a universal format): i.e., any iOS system (meaning Apple, MAC, iPad, iPhone), Android, any smart phone, etc., by creating a PDF file format and emailing it to any operating system. You can also download your MIMI Medical to a thumb-drive using the PDF file format.


If we haven’t addressed a question that you’d like answered, please send us an email at MIMI@MIMImedical.com and we’ll add it to help others!


This product is a template for entering personal patient medical information.  ems publishing, LLC disclaims any and all liability, whether in contract, tort, warranty, or strict liability, for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information provided by the user.  This product is for informational purposes only and is not intended for use in treatment or diagnosis of any illness, injury or disease.