Hard facts about being a caregiver

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Man caregiverDid you become a caregiver overnight or was it a slow process and you saw it coming and you’ve been preparing? Either way, below are 5 hard facts about being a caregiver that might make you think more about YOU!

  1.  70% of caregivers are at a higher risk for depression, illness and accidents than the general population.
  2. Caregivers are mostly women.
  3. Caregivers are labeled as our nations “hidden patients” spending a minimum of 25 hours a week dealing with a debilitated loved ones emotional, physical, financial and spiritual needs.  This is so overwhelming that many neglect their own needs.
  4. Caregivers must put their well being FIRST so things don’t fall apart in a domino effect so that they don’t become incapacitated and a burden to others too.
  5. Many caregivers die before their patients.

If the well is empty and the caregiver has nothing left to give, everyone suffers.

TIP:  If you have an in-home care company coming to your home always make sure they are not sick or feeling under the weather – regardless of how small.  Elderly people are more susceptible to colds/flu which can turn into pneumonia fast.  If someone arrives at your home and they look sick don’t take a chance.  Stop them and ask them if they are feeling okay and if the answer is, “Oh, I just have a little cold” or “It’s just allergies”, my advice would be to ask them to leave and have the agency send someone else out.  It’s not worth the risk.


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Author: MIMI Medical Staff