Home Access

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HouseWe all know the saying “Murphy’s Law”.  Any time I needed to leave the house I always felt guilty leaving my Mom alone. I had this overwhelming feeling that something was going to happen while I was gone and no-one would have home access to help her.  There were also the never ending medical people from home health that were always coming and going and they never showed up when they said they would.  It was like waiting for the cable guy – “I’ll be there some time between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm”. I felt more tethered to my home than ever!

I got the idea to put our house on a lock box.  This lock box allowed home access for the home health companies to come and go as they needed without me waiting for them to arrive.  I called our local 911 ambulance service and gave them the code as well so they could have home access if my Mom needed to press her Life Alert button (http://bit.ly/1RdU42h).  The lock box also gave me the freedom if a loved one or a neighbor needed to access our home that I could give them the code.

I know that I can’t prevent an emergency, but I can be prepared for one.


Author: MIMI Medical Staff