I’m a Grandmother of 8.  I have my Grandkids frequently for visits.  I love that I have MIMI in case something happens while they are at my house – whether it’s for a Sunday afternoon after church, or if their parents are on vacation.  Having kids running around you never know when something might go wrong.  I always have MIMI handy.    – Emily P.

Tri fold are you preparedMIMI Pulls All of Your Important Health Information Into a Single Spot

Getting your important health information to the right person at the right time can be vital.  If you’ve ever been faced with a medical emergency you know how stressful it is trying to fill out medical forms or answer confusing prescription questions.  Even routine doctor office visits can be challenging. 

MIMI makes it easy for you to track your family’s medical information in the privacy of your home.  You simply answer the questions and your MIMI is customized and tailored with your personal health information.

Having a comprehensive medical record system for your family’s health management allows you to be in control of your medical information.  When you’re in control you know your information is correct and current. 

You’re the patient.  It’s your medical information.  You should have control and access to your important health information at all times.  Don’t rely on getting information from your doctor’s office.