Improve your bone health

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Normal boneI recently posted 5 other ways to improve your bone health.  Here are 5 more ways to improve your bone health.

  1. Take a brisk walk.  Walking is good for bones.
  2. Include muscle-strengthening (resistance) exercises in your workout by using a pair of light dumbbells or resistance bands.
  3. Join a gym or sign up for a group exercise class.
  4. Go dancing.
  5. Try a new sport or activity such as tennis or hiking.

I don’t know about you, but I think these 5 things sound fun too!  You can be outdoors enjoying the sunshine, or if you’re at the gym it gives you an opportunity to meet new people.  Our interactions with others is just as important to our minds as walking is to our bones.

Decreasing bone density need not interfere with your life.  In fact being inactive will worsen your bone health.  Enjoy leisure activities and learn nutrient combinations and what foods to avoid.


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Author: Julie Slayton