Your health information is just that – YOURS!

Managing your own medical data puts you in control.  You should have access to your lifesaving health information at all times.  MIMI Medical provides you with a professional personal health record (PHR) that doctor’s prefer

Below you will find several different MIMI Medical options to choose from.  Select the one that is best for your family.




“I thought the program was very easy to use and intuitive.  MIMI has shown me that not only do I know little about my family’s medical information, I don’t know much about mine either!  Thanks for creating this program!”  Brit F.



 Individual License – (1 Profile)


One-Time Payment!  No Monthly Fees!




Couple License – (up to 2 Profiles)


One-Time Payment!  No Monthly Fees!



 Family License – (up to 4 Profiles)


One-Time Payment!  No Monthly Fees!



Extended Family License – (up to 10 Profiles)


One-Time Payment!  No Monthly Fees!

Corporate Pricing


We also offer a corporate pricing structure for large quantities. This is perfect for in-home care companies and large organizations. 













Please allow up to 24 hours for your MIMI Medical download instructions and your Activation Key Code to be delivered to you via email.