Pay less for prescriptions

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ScriptsIt’s easy to pay less for prescriptions if you have the right tools.  Recently I transferred all our prescriptions, including my Mom’s, from one pharmacy to another for no other reason but convenience.  After I completed that task I was notified by our insurance company that most of our scripts need to go through a mail order service in order for them to be covered.  However, we can still use our local pharmacy for any controlled substances where a script needs to be picked up monthly.  So, now I have two prescription providers to keep track of and which prescription comes from where.

I saw my doctor and brought my script to our local pharmacy.  I went to pick it up and they tell me it’s $30.  I asked them why, because my previous pharmacy was only $9.50.  They said that this prescription is not covered under my insurance.  I told them that was the price I always paid and I’ll make a couple phone calls and come back.

I called my insurance and they confirmed that the prescription has never been covered.  I asked them “How can one pharmacy charge me one price and another pharmacy charge me a different one?”  Understandably, they said, “Since it’s not covered we can’t answer that.”

I called the other pharmacy where the cost was only $9.50 and asked them “How come your cost was less?”  They said, “Well, we used Family Wize for you.  Any script that your family ever had that wasn’t covered we ran it through Family Wize for the discount.”  I thanked them for doing that for my family.  I called my other pharmacy and asked them if they use Family Wize and they said they do not automatically do that for their customers but they would accept the card and run it.  At that point I was sorry I switched pharmacy’s.

I looked up Family Wize and it’s a free card all you have to do is sign up.  You can also get a card from Good RX.  I’m going to provide both cards from both companies and give it to my new local pharmacy so I can continue to save on my family’s prescriptions.  What a hidden treasure!  Now you can pay less for prescriptions too.




Author: MIMI Medical Staff