“I thought the program was very easy to use and intuitive.  Your program has shown me that not only do I know little about my family’s medical information, I don’t know much about mine either!  Thanks for creating this program!”   – Brit F.


Organize Your Personal Health History so you DON’T have to Communicate Clearly

Let MIMI do the talking!

  • Take confident control of your future by having your personal health history readily available when you need it.
  • Patients that are engaged with their medical information receive better patient care.
  • Reduce medical costs by avoiding redundant tests and wasteful treatments.
  • Transition seamlessly when seen by multiple doctors.
  • Reduce the risk of medication errors or medical mistakes.
  • Save valuable time at routine doctor office visits.
  • Consolidates all of your family’s health information.
  • Take charge of your health information and be an active participant in your healthcare decisions.

Take the guesswork out of your medical paperwork and answer health care questions confidently with MIMI. You have control of your medical history. Your personal health history is yours when you need it.