Portable Ramps or Permanent Ramps?

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StairwayIt’s highly unlikely to “smile” about handicap ramps on your home.  I mean no offense or disrespect, but I don’t want a big permanent ramp built on to the front of my house.  But with my Mother being bedridden I need to have the ability to transport her via her wheelchair in and out of our home safely.  I came across www.ezaccess.com.  This website offered several different types of portable ramps with several different price points.  The customer service representative was very helpful with explaining the difference between several portable ramps and recommending the correct type of portable ramps for my Mother’s needs while taking into consideration my needs as her caregiver.  I would highly recommend speaking with a CSR to help guide you to make sure that you order the right portable ramps that is specific to your needs and your home.  The CSR told me a good way to measure for the correct length of the portable ramps is for every inch of step (the rise) we would need one foot of ramp.  So if the rise of your steps are 24 inches, you will need 24 feet of ramp.  TIP: Our house has steps then a porch then another step where the front door is to enter the house. Therefore, we needed two portable ramps. One to service the steps and one to service the doorway.  We could not purchase one long ramp from our doorway to the end of our steps due to the pitch line.  Our portable ramps have been wonderful!  They are easy to set up, easy take down, durable, my Mom feels safe on them and what I love most about my portable ramps, is that they are only visible when she needs to be transported.  Otherwise they are tucked away in our garage.  These ramps make me smile.


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Author: MIMI Medical Staff