“Super affordable way to get some peace of mind.  I can’t keep up with what day it is much less what surgeries and medications my family has.  Also great customer service.”   – Joe M.


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Are You Prepared for a Medical Emergency? Your Doctor Needs Your Information…FAST!

Help your doctor help you when you’re faced with an emergency. They’ll need your medical history, dates, diagnosis, medications, treatments, procedures, and surgeries.  This information will expedite your emergency treatment. Will you be able to provide that….quickly…accurately?

Stop drowning in medical facts.

Stop searching through a filing cabinet of endless paperwork to find a procedure date or a past surgery.

Stop guessing at routine health questions.

There is peace of mind in knowing you have control over your personal health information.  Simply give the medical professional a printed copy of your MIMI and relax knowing you’re organized and prepared.