Pulling up your loved one in bed

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Have you noticed with being a caregiver you’re always bending, stooping, picking something up, or pulling up your Backloved one in bed?  I was pulling my Mom up 10-12 times a day and I only knew of one way to do it:  Stand towards the front of the bed, grab her bed pad and pull…and pull…and pull.  My back was killing me!

Then one of our visits to the hospital for an outpatient procedure I was talking to one of the nurses and complaining about my back.  She gave me 4 pieces of nylon stuffed into a bag and she said, “Shhhh…here take these…it will help you with pulling up your loved one in bed.”  She showed me how they worked: you get your loved one to lay on it, and they have handles on each side, and then you lift and pull up.  The nylon type fabric helps the patient to “slide” up the bed on the sheets.  She was very kind to give me some, but in all reality you need two people for it to work properly and most of the time we’re alone.

Then a home health nurse told me the ultimate secrete one day and I’ve been using it ever since:

  1. Lay the bed down flat (if you have a hospital bed).
  2. Remove any pillows behind their head or back.
  3. Lift the leg part of the mattress upward as far as it will go (if you have a hospital bed).  
  4. Have the patient bed their knees and hold on to the hand rails on the side of the bed (if you have a hospital bed).
  5. You hold on to their ankles.
  6. And have them push themselves up (with them pushing at their feet).
  7. Repeat until they are up as far as they can go.

This exercise provides your loved one with some leg exercises and saves your back from constantly pulling up your loved one in bed.






Author: MIMI Medical Staff