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    • Richie J. – Mississippi“As a Critical Care Nurse, many patients come into the hospital not able to recall their medical history or prescription information, or they are unable to provide it due to their illness.  If everyone had MIMI it would cut down on medical errors as well as save valuable time for providing the correct care fast.  MIMI is easy to read and well laid out.  It is affordable for everyone and it is priceless to medical personnel.  I use it for me and my family and I would highly recommend MIMI to all my patients.”
    • Michael C. – South Carolina – “Thank you for this program!  I was approved for a stem cell transplant.  I will be on a five year study so keeping records will definitely be priceless for me and my family.  I will be recommending your software to my Facebook group.  Thank you!”
    • Linda S. — Huntsville“I have used MIMI for both me and my husband since March 2010. When going to a new doctor or having to update our information quarterly at the doctor’s office, the information is already on our MIMI form so I just give them a copy. Every time a doctor or staff member looks at MIMI I always receive a very positive response. MIMI has been very helpful with having all our medical information readily available. I know I could never remember the dates of procedures or surgeries or even doctor visit dates.  I always have our MIMI with us just in case of an emergency. We would recommend MIMI to everyone!”
    • Jan V. – Illinois“I have found MIMI to be easy to use and I am really pleased to have this tool to keep us from drowning in questions and facts.  We have trips planned and I will have the print-outs to take with us.  My Mom just had a stay in the hospital so I want to get her and my Dad’s information into the program so I can give them some print-outs to take with them the next time.  My stepdaughter suggested this program to us and I am really happy with it.”
    • Brit F. – Huntsville“I thought the program was very easy to use and intuitive.  Your program has shown me that not only do I know little about my family’s medical information, I don’t know much about mine either!  Thanks for creating this program!”
    • Michael C. – South Carolina – I just started using MIMI My Instant Medical Information.  I live with an MS type of nerve disorder called CIDP, it’s an immune system problem.  The great news is that I’m getting a bone marrow derived stem cell transplant in Chicago, the research program is for five years and MIMI will be a perfect tool.
    • David B. – Huntsville“As you have shown, keeping your own copy of critical medical information gives you more control over critical medical decisions, and more inner peace in the midst of those decisions, whether as a patient or a caregiver.”
    • Linda S. – Huntsville“I brought my husband to his doctor appointment. I wish you could’ve seen the nurses face when she sat down at the computer, began to ask medical questions and I handed her his MIMI. She called the doctor in the room and they both could not praise MIMI Medical enough. They said it is so important for people to understand how helpful it is to the medical staff when someone has all their health information organized. Appointments go smoother and faster.”
    • Shanna M. – Huntsville“I have been working with seniors and their families for nearly 10 years now and this is SUCH a needed tool!!!  Even though I have been encouraging families for years to gather this information, I didn’t practice what I preached….and this past November my Dad went into the hospital with severe heart problems and I didn’t have his information handy.  On top of that, I’m ashamed to admit, I still haven’t gathered it all.  As a Mom of 4 children, I want to be proactive in having this information on-hand.  Thank you for making this possible.
    • Charlie C. – Huntsville – “Your program is something I should have started years ago.  We have been here for a year now and I think we know more doctors here than personal friends!”
    • Jacquelyn C. — Huntsville“My daughter is my caregiver. She uses MIMI all the time for me – at doctor office visits and when she has to call 911 if there is and emergency. I know that MIMI has been able to help me get the correct care fast since all my information is right there – no guessing, no delays. Doctors and nurses all love it and they all say the same thing ‘Everyone should have this.’ “
    • Julie L. — Huntsville“I love MIMI! No more carrying prescription bottles in a plastic bag or bin to the doctor. No more filling out lengthy medical forms.  No more struggling to remember medical dates! MIMI has simplified my life. I’m a Mother of 3 and I am in and out of doctor offices frequently. MIMI makes everything easier. One less thing for me to worry about. Thank you MIMI!”
    • David S. — Huntsville“I’ll admit it – I couldn’t answer any questions about my wife or kids when it comes to their medical issues. One day my wife was out of town and our daughter was sick. I was able to grab MIMI and go to the doctors with confidence. I was glad I didn’t have to rely on my memory, or answer a question wrong or contact my wife every 5 seconds when the doctor had a question. My wife was impressed that I handled the doctors without her help. Thank you MIMI!!!! Score one for the guys.”
    • Eddie F. — Huntsville“I’m a single Dad. Having MIMI allows both me and my ex to have the same medical information about our kids. Kids will be kids and have accidents. I like that I have MIMI in the house.”
    • Emily P. — Huntsville“I’m a Grandmother of 8. I have my Grandkids frequently for visits. I love that I have MIMI in case something happens while they are at my house – whether it’s for a Sunday afternoon after church, or if their parents are on vacation. Having kids running around you never know when something might go wrong. I always have MIMI handy.”
    • Sophia S. — Huntsville“I take several medications every day. I love that MIMI has them all listed – name, dosages, how many times a day I take a medication, etc. I have arthritis and I love that I don’t have to write them all down or guess at the information every time I go to a doctor’s appointment. I wouldn’t be without my MIMI.”
    • Jan V. – Illinois“My step-daughter told me to buy MIMI and I’m glad I did.  Me and my husband were traveling and we were in an unfamiliar town when he became ill.   We had to call 911 to get him to a hospital.  I was so glad that I had our MIMI – – it is a God sent!  It made everything easier and was a huge time saver.  The hospital staff loved and appreciated MIMI as well.   I would recommend MIMI to everyone!”
    • Joe M. – Huntsville“Super affordable way to get some peace of mind.  I can’t keep up with what day it is much less what surgeries and medications my family has.  Also great customer service.”

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