Thank you for your MIMI™ purchase.

Please click HERE to download MIMI.

If you ordered the downloadable version, you will be sent an activation key code within 24 hours to the email address you provided us. After you receive your activation key code, please enter it to begin your MIMI™. If you do not receive the activation key code, please email us at Please provide us with your full name and address. Once your order has been verified we will email you your activation key code.

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience problems downloading and installing MIMI™, please disable any Anti-Virus and/or Anti-Spyware programs you may have. Once MIMI is installed, you can re-enable those programs.

Please click HERE to download MIMI.

When prompted, please save MIMI_Installer to your Desktop.  Once the download is complete, simply double click MIMI_Installer on your desktop to begin the installation, and carefully follow all on screen instructions.

For complete instructions on installing and using MIMI, please see our Instruction Manual (Requires Adobe Reader)