What is MIMI Medical?

Personal health records (PHR) save lives.  Have you ever asked yourself, “What is that medication called?”,  or “What is the dosage amount?”, or “What am I allergic to?”, or “When was the last time I had a pneumonia shot or tetanus shot?”.  Having a personal health record (PHR) allows you to have the answers to common medical questions in one place for yourself and your family can be lifesaving.  MIMI Medical is an easy to use intuitive computer software program that organizes your lifesaving medical and prescription information. MIMI will be your vital tool for tracking emergency room visits, routine doctor appointments, prescriptions, pre-existing conditions, immunizations, allergies, important medical procedures, and much more.  MIMI is also non-web-based eliminating the risk of hackers accessing independent servers.

Being faced with a medical emergency for yourself or a loved one is extremely stressful.  Having to fill out medical forms or answer medical questions accurately is almost impossible.  The truth is none of us spend our time wondering if an emergency is going to happen to someone we love.  Emergencies don’t call ahead and they don’t make a reservation.  Life is about being prepared for the “What if…”, “What if there is a fire?”  You know to grab your fire extinguisher. “What if the tornado sirens go off?”  You know to take cover.  But, what if a family member needed medical attention?  Will you be able to answer basic, but tough medical questions that could help save their life?

  • What are the names and dosages of their medications?  Why are they taking them?
  • What are their past surgeries and medical procedures?
  • What are their allergies?  Current medical conditions?  Blood type?

Getting important health information to the right person at the right time can be vital.  MIMI makes it easy.  MIMI will build your entire family’s medical history into an organized, comprehensive printable spreadsheet allowing you to easily track and manage surgeries, medications, dosages, allergies, immunizations, doctor appointments and much more.  Having the righwoman-on-tablet answers is crucial to getting proper treatment in a medical emergency.  Did you know it is estimated that as much as 70% of treatment errors were preventable?

Regular doctor visits are essential to maintaining good health and in some cases provide an early detection of a severe illness.  When you provide your doctor with MIMI, you will have the confidence that your health history information is complete and current which will assist your doctor with providing you with the correct care – FAST!  MIMI may also minimize the written information needed on office/hospital medical forms.  This will save you valuable time and reduce your frustration and stress with trying to remember every detail of your health history.

MIMI can be your family’s health advocate:

  • Non-web based personal health record that is secure on your home computer.
  • Easy to use format.
  • Reduces risk of medication errors and/or medical mistakes.
  • Can help reveal family patterns of disease.
  • May lead to early detection of inherited, genetic or chronic illnesses.
  • Makes you and your family active participants in your health care.
  • Fosters communication with your doctor.
  • Tracks immunizations, allergies, tests, medical procedures, medications, chronic and current conditions, physician contact, surgeries, emergency contact, preferred pharmacy, etc.

MIMI is a desktop application, (a computer software program) which automatically runs on Window®.  MIMI has unlimited information input and edit capabilities.  Your MIMI grows as your family’s personal medical history grows.  Having a lifesaving tool for yourself and your family in one easy to use system will provide you with peace of mind.  

MIMI creates an organized easy to read comprehensive document.  Print the document to share with your family members, medical professionals, pharmacists, in-home healthcare company, insurance carrier, neighbor, emergency contact person, healthcare directive, etc. 

Your health information is just that – YOURS!  Take control today with MIMI – My Instant Medical Information.

 “As a Critical Care Nurse many patients come into the hospital not able to recall their medical history or prescription information, or they are unable to provide it due to their illness.  If everyone had MIMI it would cut down on medical errors as well as save valuable time for providing the correct care fast.  MIMI is easy to read and well laid out.  It is affordable for everyone and it is priceless to medical personnel.  I use it for me and my family and I would highly recommend MIMI to all my patients.”     – Richie J., Critical Care Nurse