“My step-daughter told me to buy MIMI and I’m glad I did.  Me and my husband were traveling and we were in an unfamiliar town when he became ill.  We had to call 911 to get him to a hospital.  I was so glad that I had our MIMI – – it is a God Send!  It made everything easier and was a huge time saver.  The hospital staff loved and appreciated MIMI as well.  I would recommend MIMI to everyone!”   – Jan V.

Tri fold mom and daughter

Taking Care of Those Who Cared for You 

One of the responsibilities that comes along with caring for aging parents is making sure you have access to their health history. Have you ever had these thoughts?

“Can Dad answer all of Mom’s medication information if she’s faced with an emergency?  

“I worry about my Mom living alone and no-one knowing about her chronic illness or allergies.”

“I’m my Dad’s emergency contact.  How am I going to help him if I don’t know his health information?”

You can easily help your parents organize their lifesaving medical & prescription information whether they are near or far with MIMI.  You can create and manage their medical records at “your house” and then send it to “their house”.  They will have the convenience of having their personal medical data in one place and ready when they need it most.  You and your parents won’t have to rely on your memory when trying to answer lifesaving medical questions during a stressful time.  Most of all you can feel confident they have their health information at their fingertips providing all of you with peace of mind.

Whether you’re building your family’s medical history, are a caregiver, a senior, or you live alone – MIMI is a lifesaving tool for everyone, for every home.  Life is unpredictable….be prepared with medical history readiness for your family.