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Measure The Width of Wheelchair including wheels

We live in a home that was built in 1963, therefore some of our doorways are quite narrow.  When my Mom came to live with us, we didn’t even think of the doorways so the thought of “Do you think the wheelchair will fit?” never crossed our minds…..until bath day.  Obviously we couldn’t get a “standard sized” wheelchair through the bathroom door frame which is in her bedroom.  I went online and I picked out a wheelchair based on the measurements the product provided.  I was so happy that I was able to find one.  The wheelchair arrives and I open it up and it doesn’t fit through the bathroom doorway.  I know I measured it…twice even.  I know I had the right size.  I then measured the wheelchair and the dimensions are not the correct size, so I figured they sent me the wrong one.  I called the company back and explained the situation.  I told them “I just want the right sized wheelchair sent.”  The “customer service” person told me that I received the right wheelchair and that I measured wrong.  I became defensive and said “Um, no I did not!”  The CSR said, “Yes, you did – when picking out a wheelchair you have to allow for the width of the wheels on the chair.”  I said “What?”  The bottom line was – the “seat” of the wheelchair is what is measured – which does not include the wheels of the wheelchair!  Who on God’s Green earth knows this?  Who would think they would need to separately add the measurements of the wheels on a wheelchair?  Just like when I buy a car I expect the wheels to be included in my purchase! I reminded the CSR that I do not work there and I would have no way of knowing it and it should be the responsibility of the company to provide that information.  The company REFUSED to return the item.  Luckily, the Chase Credit Card Company agreed with me and gave us our money back through a chargeback.  I ended up giving the wheelchair to our local Veterans donation drop. Buyer Beware: The wheels on the wheelchair are not included in the width of the actual chair.  My suggestion is to call the company and tell them what wheelchair you want and ask them to tell you the size of the wheels to give you an accurate width of the wheelchair prior to making your purchase.



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