“As you have shown, keeping your own copy of critical medical information gives you more control over critical medical decisions, and more inner peace in the midst of those decisions, whether as a patient or a caregiver.”   – David B.

Your Health Needs Are Your Priority

Regular doctor visits are essential to maintaining good health and in some cases provide an early detection Health happiness streetof a severe illness. 

Providing MIMI to your doctor gives you the confidence that your personal health record is complete and current.  The more a doctor knows about your health needs the better prepared they are to make important health care decisions for you.  

It’s a fact that if a doctor doesn’t know your health information they are forced to guess.  If you take multiple medications or monitor a chronic illness your printed MIMI will make it easy to share your information with all your doctors and pharmacists. 

Take the guesswork out of your medical paperwork.  MIMI makes it easy!